Taking Up The Challenge!

OK, it has been a while since my last blog (should that sound like the opening line of confession?)

Anyway, down to business! After a great Skype catch up with James and Sian over in Barbados, (Ferg was away over in St Lucia) I have taken up what is currently called “Challenge Kat-eka”, a worldwide photo challenge that is sure to be taking over everyone’s lives very soon!

The general idea is to challenge James to go to a part of Barbados that he hasn’t been and take a set of photos that show it off. In return he will find somewhere in your country/city to do the same.  I am a huge fan of this idea, both as a recent immigrant to Manchester and as a photographer with a lot of spare time on his hands.

So firstly I have had to come up with challenge for James…

Having been keeping up to date with his recent challenges,  and James’ own requests for something a little different. I set to work finding something further away from where he had been before.  Thinking outside the box a little, rather than going north or south, I’ve decided to send him up!

Living on the beach (not literally), James spends most of his time at sea level. My challenge is the furthest from sea level James can get without leaving Barbados. Mount Hillaby is Barbados’ highest point with stunning panoramic views of the island from 1115ft/340m above the sea.

Now I have done a little research and I haven’t seen any photos other than very nice postcard-esque blue sky vistas.

My challenge to James is to come up with an original set of photos from the viewpoints along the ridge at the top of Mt Hillaby.

James will be challenging me in a similar way and I can’t wait! We will reconvene in a week with our photos and display our work for the world to see!

If you have somehow stumbled on this blog, or if I have shamelessly asked you to read it, and if you like what you read, click the “follow” button and join my army of loyal fans! (last count was 4!)

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4 thoughts on “Taking Up The Challenge!

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