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Last week I photographed two weddings, usually these would have been at the weekend, but oddly these were on Thursday and Friday.

Now midweek weddings might seem a little odd, logistically you would think it would be difficult for people to attend, but it didn’t seem to affect these particular couples as there were over 100 guests at each of the weddings.

Firstly on Thursday we had the lovely Adrian and Victoria,

Adrian & Victoria

These two were great, really sweet and natural. After the bride dodged some spectacular rain showers to arrive looking pristine, there was a lovely church ceremony. This was followed by a short drive into the nearby dales to the Alma Inn, a fantastic hotel/restaurant/wedding venue perched atop a small hill surrounded by rolling farmland on all sides.

We were so lucky with the weather, it really was a miracle. When photographing weddings it is actually very beneficial to have a nice even cloud cover to help diffuse the harsh sunlight you get around the time of day most couples tend to get married. But in this instance the clouds were thick and threatened rain almost all day.

Thankfully the rain seemed to time itself perfectly, when we were inside it seemed to pour down but as soon as we wanted 15 minutes outside to get shots like these the rain halted and we were able to brave it.

Here’s a couple more shots that I particularly liked from Adrian and Victoria’s day.


Adrian & Victoria – Umbrella Silhouette

So that was Thursday’s wedding, thoroughly enjoyable and after a long drive home, downloading memory cards, putting batteries on to charge and a much too brief sleep it was Friday.

Friday’s venue was nothing short of spectacular.

I have to admit I had never seen this building up close before so when I arrived I was a little taken aback by it. I had arrived early to get familiar with the place and to get a few shots before the guest began to arrive. I was glad I did.

Ashton Memorial – Williamson Park – Lancaster

Equally as spectacular was the arrival of the groom, Phil. His lovely bride to be, Sam, had arranged a little treat for him on their special day.

Phil arriving on a Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson

I’m not a biker myself, but I am a fan of beautiful machinery such as this. Every inch of this huge beast of a motorcycle (or hog as Phil called it) was crafted to perfection and it made one hell of noise when he gave it the beans!

Needless to say, once the guests started arriving, everyone wanted to have a go. There were plenty of photo requests from the men wanting to sit astride it and also from the ladies although they mostly had to sit side saddle, high heels and short skirts aren’t exactly Harley Davidson attire.

Sam and Phil had decided that after the ceremony they would have a small reception in the grounds before heading off to a smaller venue for the wedding breakfast and evening festivities, which was perfect for me as it allowed  a little extra time to get some shots in and around this fantastic place.

The Happy Couple – Sam and Phil

The Happy Couple – plus Tammy the dog

After we’d finished at the memorial, we still had some time to spare so we headed off into the surrounding park for a few more shots, again we were extremely lucky with the weather, just managing to get back into our cars before he heavens opened again.

Sam & Phil

Sam & Phil with the Rolls Royce

I think this last one is my favourite from the day, I had to use a bit of Photoshop trickery to straighten out the tower as it had been quite distorted by my lens at this particular focal length but overall I was really pleased with how it came out.

So that was Friday’s adventure, another happy couple starting their new life together as husband and wife.

I’ve just realised that I have gone a whole blog post without really going into any technical detail on these shots, if anyone is interested feel free to ask.

This week I’m back in the fashion studios, which is always good fun. The new season it starting up and no doubt it’ll be a busy one. Fortunately, I have a two week holiday in Barbados with my lovely girlfriend coming up soon so plenty to look forward to.

Thanks for reading, as usual there’s plenty more photos and stuff on my site if you’re interested.  Feel free to pass me on to your friends or even recommend some good blogs for me, I’m always interested in what other people are up to, I’m nosey like that 🙂




3 thoughts on “More Weddings

    • Thanks Sianie! Was so lucky with the weather, could easily have been a washout! Have to admit, the umbrella silhouette wasn’t my idea, they wanted it but they didn’t think it would be possible without the sun shining. I think it worked well with a cheeky SB-800 in behind.

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